Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts for Today

Or maybe the last four years, I don't know which.

Four years ago I was severely out of shape.
Four years ago I was making a lot more $ than now.
Four years ago I was part of a decaying company.
Four years ago I lived in an apartment without Sweetie.
Four years ago I was unhappy.

Very dramatic post, Deej, you meathead. Now, four years ago I would not have been posting this on my iPhone lying in bed on my day off, but that's for another post.

But seriously, now I am living almost stress free, am much healthier, and somewhat poorer, but life is good and I once again place the blame squarely on The Champ, by some definitions the most patient person on the planet.

So I get this email that Anonymous made a comment about my most recent post, back in 2007. All it said was "Very similar" and does not appear in the comments below. Strange. It was a reminder I had a blog in the first place, what an exquisite surprise!

Other thoughts:
Does the Fray exist anymore?
Did the ghost ever exist?

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